University Moulay Ismaïl (UMI), Meknes

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University Moulay Ismaïl (UMI), Meknes

The University has been set up in 1989 it consists of four open access faculties and threee regulated access institutions located at Meknes and Errachidia cities. These institutions, there sites and there dates of creation are:

Open access:
Faculté des Sciences      Meknes 1982;
Faculté des Lettres Meknes 1982;
Faculté des Sciences Juridiques, Économiques et Sociales Meknes 1993;
Faculté Polydisciplinaire Errachidia 2006;

Regulated access: 
la Faculté des Sciences et Techniques 1994;
École Supérieure de Technologie          Meknes 1993;
École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers        Meknes 1997.

UMI involves all the students of the Meknès-Tafilalet region. Moreover, it has a deep experience in the development of EU funded projects, both within Tempus programme and also within the RTD Framework Programme.